The University and the Coleg

Welsh medium provision in Aberystwyth University is thriving as the University invests internally in the provision and takes full advantage of the national schemes which are funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to increase the opportunities available to students to study in Welsh. The Coleg Cymraeg is a national institution that has a key role to play in the planning, maintenance and development of Welsh medium education and scholarship in our universities. The Coleg has branches in each one of Wales's universities where Welsh medium provision is offered. Here at Aberystwyth University, the branch is under the auspices of the Centre for Welsh Language Services. The University’s staff and students are welcome to join the Branch to become members of the Coleg’s community and the thriving Welsh community of Aberystwyth. As members you will receive information on the opportunities available to study through the medium of Welsh and bilingually, and the Branch’s members are available to provide support on any aspect of the Welsh medium provision.