What happens next?

Once you have applied online for University accommodation what happens next?

Accommodation is allocated by a computerised system on a first come, first served basis. Applications are automatically prioritised in date and time order of when they were successfully submitted, in line with our Priorities Policy

We will allocate you a place in residences, taking into account your preferences and will try to offer you one of your higher preferences. However, because the residences vary in the number of students they accommodate, and some are more popular than others, obtaining your higher preferences cannot be guaranteed. If there is not a vacancy in your first preference of residence, we will consider all your other choices in priority order until a vacancy can be located.

Offer of accommodation

New undergraduate students - an offer of accommodation will only be sent to students holding an Unconditional Firm (UF) offer of study and students holding a Conditional Firm (CF) application:

  • If you are UF then offers of accommodation will start to be sent shortly after applications open in April (in the year if entry).
  • If you are CF then offers of accommodation will start to be sent from June (in the year of entry).

Postgraduate students – an offer of accommodation will be sent to you once you have met all of the terms and conditions of your academic offer, and accepted your place to study at Aberystwyth University

For any current undergraduate or postgraduate students applying to live in University accommodation, your application will be processed shortly after we have received it and you will be sent an offer of accommodation.

Accommodation Licence Pack

Step 1 – Offer of accommodation

An offer of accommodation will be sent to you by e-mail. The offer e-mail will:

  • Provide you with the name of the residence and room type that you have been allocated to; however, you will not know your specific room allocation until the day of your arrival.
  • Provide you with details on how to accept your offer by logging back into the Accommodation Portal.
  • Provide you with a deadline date to accept your offer and complete the Accommodation Licence Pack. The amount of time given to do this will vary depending on the time of year, and some deadline dates may provide as little as 24 hours.

Step 2 - Activate your Aberystwyth University IT account (New Students)

If you are UF, from July onwards, details on how to activate your Aberystwyth University IT account will be sent by e-mail to you from Information Services.

When you activate your IT account you will be provided with your Aberystwyth University username (e.g. abc1@aber.ac.uk) and will be required to set up a password for this account.

You will need your username and password to log back into the Accommodation Portal to accept your offer of accommodation and successfully complete the Accommodation Licence Pack. We therefore advise that you activate your IT account as soon as you are invited to do so, in order to avoid any delays in securing your accommodation. Remember to then regularly check your e-mail account!

Step 3 - Accept your offer of accommodation

Login to the Accommodation Portal as 'Current Student' using your username & password.

  1. Select the relevant application period.
  2. Select 'Accommodation Offer' to accept or decline your offer of accommodation.
  3. If you accept the offer, you will then be able to proceed and complete your 'Accommodation Licence Pack', which must also be completed by the given deadline date.
  4. If you decline or fail to accept your offer by the deadline date, it will mean that your offer of accommodation will be withdrawn and your application will no longer be considered.

If you have any queries regarding your offer of accommodation please contact the Accommodation Office to discuss alternative options. 

Step 4 - Accommodation Licence Pack

The Accommodation Licence Pack consists of the following steps:

1.  Accommodation Licence Pack

Introduction on how to complete the required steps.

2.  Residents' Handbook

The Residents' Handbook provides valuable and legal information on living in University owned or managed residences, and you are required to read it in conjunction with your Licence Particulars (also found in this step) and the Accommodation Licence Agreement (found in the back of the Residents' Handbook).

3.  Meal Plan Offer (for self-catered residences) or Catering Allowance (for catered residences) 

If you are going to be living in a catered residence this step will provide you with information on how your catering allowance works. Alternatively, if you are going to be living in a self-catered residence this step will provide you with information on meal plans available to purchase.

4.  Accommodation Fees

You will need to select a payment method to pay your Accommodation Fees.

Accommodation Fees can be paid by either one single payment or by a maximum of three instalments (e.g October, January & April).

Postgraduate students on a 50 week licence will be provided with an additional option of 4 instalments (e.g October, January, April & July).

5.  Acceptance & Instalment Fee

You are required to pay a £100 Acceptance Fee to secure your accommodation using our online payment system (payable by credit/debit card). 

When you move in, the Acceptance Fee automatically converts to a pre-payment of the Accommodation Fee which will be deducted from your first instalment.

6.  Association Request (Optional)

You can complete an association form to request to live with your friends. Details will be provided when the request form opens and closes.

7.  Aber Card (New Students only)

You are required to apply for your Aber Card online so that it is ready for you when you arrive.

Get ready to take a selfie!

8.  Induction Programme

Our online Induction Programme provides you with a number of modules, including useful information on living in University accommodation.

For those arriving at the start of the academic year, during the Big Welcome Weekend, you will be able to select an arrival date and time.

A 'Key Release Form' will be produced, which you will need to bring with you when you arrive to check-in and collect your room key (printable or electronic accepted). 

9.  Accommodation Licence Pack Completed

That’s you all done and we look forward to your arrival and welcoming you into your new home!


Accommodation Portal - The Accommodation Portal is an online service to apply and secure accommodation at Aberystwyth University.

Accommodation Offer - When your accommodation application is processed, and if successful, you will be sent an offer of accommodation.  This will be sent to you be e-mail and will include the name of the residence and the type of room you have been allocated, along with information on when and how to accept the offer.

Accommodation Licence Pack - Once you accept your offer of accommodation you will be required to complete the Accommodation Licence Pack by a given deadline date.  This includes; agreeing to the terms and conditions of your Accommodation Licence Agreement, payment of the required £100 Acceptance Fee*, setting up a payment plan for accommodation fees, requesting to live with friends (optional), applying for your Aber Card (New Students) and completion of our pre-arrival induction programme

*Current students who are already living in University accommodation and have been offered accommodation for the next academic year, do not need to pay another £100 Acceptance Fee.  Your current Deposit will be transferred and used; however, you may be required to pay any shortfall if any deductions have been made from your Deposit.

Moving in

We appreciate that for many of you this may be the first time that you have lived away from home, so to help you we have put together a handy checklist, along with useful information on when you can move in and most importantly where you need to go to collect your key from on our Moving in webpage.