7.9 Results of the Examination of Research Degrees

1. At the conclusion of the Oral Examination, the Interim Result form should be completed and given to the student to confirm the result, and who will inform the student of any required corrections.

2. Following the Oral Examination, the External Examiner should complete Section 1.2 Report on the Oral Examination, and, if appropriate, 1.3 Matters of General Concern and Interest [...]. The External should then, together with the Internal Examiner, complete Section 3, Joint Report by External and Internal Examiners.

3. The Examiners should then arrange with the Chair of the Examining Board for the completion and signature of the final form Examiners’ Formal Recommendation on the Outcome of the Examination. The appropriate outcome option should be indicated by means of ticking the relevant box (see immediately below for notes on the various options). The form should then be signed by the Examiners and by the Chair of the Board, who should also enter the date. Examiners are again asked to be aware that candidates have the right to request access to any comments made about them in these reports.

4. The Report form stipulates the available categories of result from which members of Examination Board must select the appropriate outcome. For PhD candidates, who have corrections or revisions to undertake, Examiners should also indicate whether an MPhil can be awarded based on the submitted thesis.