2.11 Departmental Quality Audit Questionnaire

1. Quality assurance processes are subject to periodic audit by Academic Board which invites academic departments to complete a Departmental Quality Audit (DQA) questionnaire, usually on an annual basis. This questionnaire serves as a checklist to remind departments about current policies, guidelines and procedures which are good practice. It is especially useful as a point of reference for staff within academic departments who may take on new roles and also as a means of highlighting changes to policies as they are refined and updated.  It covers key areas of the AQH including assessment and feedback, monitoring of schemes and modules, personal tutoring arrangements, and student representation. The DQA asks departments to confirm that University policy and guidelines are being implemented, and issues arising out of the responses to the questionnaire are considered at a meeting of Faculty. The DQA questionnaire serves as an important supplement to the Departmental Periodic Review process at which departments are required to submit fully documentary evidence of their QA processes.