What happens after I submit my theses? (Postgraduate Research)

After you submit your theses, you will still be required to meet your attendance and engagement monitoring responsibilities. You will continue to meet with your supervisor on a monthly basis to discuss preparations for your viva voce and submit reports of that engagement.

If you don’t wish to remain in Aberystwyth after you submit, then you can return Home (as long as you’re within your abeyance period) but you will first need to discuss this with your supervisor/s and receive their approval. Once approval has been sought, you will be required to inform the compliance office in advance of you leaving and will be required to supply a copy of your flight details (electronic booking confirmation will suffice). The University will be required to report this change to the Home Office and withdraw our sponsorship of your Student visa. As a result your visa will be curtailed and if you need to re-enter the country e.g. for your viva voce, you will need to apply for/obtain a Visit study visa to do so.