Seminar series

Our weekly seminar series will bring together members of the Business school and beyond. They will showcase research topics in order to promote and facilitate discussions on current research. as well as allowing opportunities for networking and discussing funding opportunities.

The seminars are free to attend and will usually be held on Wednesday afternoons. Details of seminars and venue to be announced.

Semester 1 Seminars

Dates to be confirmed:

Seminars for september 2021 will be annouced over the summer

Semester 2

Seminars will be given virtually on TEAMS. Please contact Dr Sophie Bennett-Gillison if you would like to receive an invitation to these.

12th February 2021 at 2pm: Professor Louise Manning (Royal Agricultural University) ‘Disruptive leadership: the role of ecopreneurs in delivering the climate agenda.’

Professor Manning has worked for over 35 years in the agri-food supply chain in a range of roles. Her expertise is in the area of food security and food integrity including food safety, food quality, food crime, policy and governance, social and corporate responsibility, resilience, risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Louise has carried out projects for government bodies and companies throughout Europe and Africa. This work includes strategic risk analysis and mitigation for both corporate organisations and public bodies. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals, authored book chapters and written and edited books in the subject area.


19th February 2021 at 2pm, Student Research Seminar:

Sk Moniruzzaman (Aberystwyth Business School PhD Student):  The role of emotional intelligence (EI) in the management & leadership of care homes within Wales.

Rong Yue: (Aberystwyth Business School PhD Student): The impact of Big Data on Management Accounting Based on the Balanced Scorecard Theory.

Talal Al Wahshi (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student): The Influence of Value Added of Intellectual Capital and its Components on Banks Performance.


26th February 2021 at 2pm DProf Research Seminar:

Nerys Fuller-Love (Aberystwyth University): What to expect in your VIVA.

Thuraya Alsalmi (Aberystwyth Business School DProf Student): An Investigation of teachers’ perceptions on the integration of “STREAM” subjects in secondary schools’ curricula and UAE's Strategic Educational Vision 2021


12th March 2021 at 3pm Student Research Seminar:

Bruce Wight (Aberystwyth Business School PhD Student):

Faisal Shazad (Aberystwyth Business School PhD Student): The role of AI and Humans in the organisational decision-making process within the manufacturing sector of Wales

Hessa Almarzouqi (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student):


19th March 2021 at 3pm Max Munday & Calvin Jones (Cardiff Business School): Renewables development in the Welsh economy: future directions and economic development possibilities

Professor Munday is the Director of Welsh Economy Research Unit at Cardiff Business School and has developed a wide range of research interests on Welsh economy, the economics of inward investment, tourism economics, regional economics and policy, and on corporate restructuring. Professor Jones is the Deputy Dean for Public Value and External Relations at Cardiff Business School and holds a PhD in the Economics of Tourism and Major Events. He has been involved in the development of a number of measurement tools for sustainability, including the pilot Environmental Satellite Accounts for Wales and the Tourism Environmental Satellite Account for Wales. His research interests focus on sustainable regional development, energy economics, and AI, automation and future skills.


26th March 2021 at 3pm: DProf Research Seminar:

AbdulAziz AlMheiri (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student)

Ahmed Al Qubaisi (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student)

Amer Al Omer Salem (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student):

Mohamed Alomar Al Mansoori (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student):

Ahmed Abdulrahman Abdulwahab Abdulla Alburkani (Aberystwyth Business School DPROF Student):


9th April 2021 at 3PM: Dr Julio Munoz (Aberystwyth University) Conducting Quantitative Analysis using Structure Equation Modelling (SEM)

Q&A session afterwards, presnted Via teams


16th of April 2021 at; 

3-3.30pm- Thuraya Alsalmi (DProf Student): An Investigation of teachers’ perceptions on the integration of “STREAM” subjects in secondary schools’ curricula and UAE's Strategic Educational Vision 2021.

Q&A session afterwards, presnted Via teams


3.45-4.15pm-  Hessa Almarzouqi(DProf Student):  

Q&A session afterwards, presnted Via teams


23rd of April at 3pm- Prof. Louise Manning (RAU): What has COVID shown us about the fragility of our national food system?

Q&A session afterwards, presnted Via teams



30th of April at 3pm- Prof Paul Jones (Swansea University): Entrepreneurship in the UK:  what does the future hold?

Q&A session afterwards, presnted Via teams