Construction and Refurbishment:

  • Achieve BREEAM ratings of Excellent for new builds and at least Very Good for all major refurbishments beyond 2016
  • All refurb projects have to complete sustainability assessment beyond 2021

Emmissions and Discharges:

  • Net 0 by 2030

Community Involvement:

  • host at least two events a year that include community involvement elements e.g. plastic free, grounds, community garden

Biodiversity: Aberystwyth University Biodiversity Plan

Waste Management:

  • Become a Zero waste University by 2027
  • Reduce total dmr and general waste by 5% year on year

Travel and Transport:

  • Begin transtion to electric vehicles
  • New travel policy for public transport
  • Expand video conferencing facilitites and use

Sustainable Procurement:


  • 10% reduction by 2016 of water use across whole University


More details and measurables can be found in the AU Sustainability Strategy 2018-2021