Recycling & Waste

Applying the Waste Hierarchy at Aberystwyth

At Aberystwyth we are committed to reducing our waste and reusing or recycling anything we can. This not only aligns with our environmental policy, but is the environmentally responsible course of action to take. Here are a few, of many, actions we have taken to reduce, reuse and recycle.


- University academic departments have increasingly used electronic submissions for work, rather than hard, paper copies, reducing paper onsumption.
- The University has reduced waste produced in all departments through sustainable procurement activity.


- Aberystwyth have introduced the use of 'Warp it', an online platform facilitating the transfer and reuse of any unused equipment across the University.


- Aberystwyth is increasingly utilising recycling schemes for many different types of waste, including WEEE, paper, toner cartridges, batteries and CDs.

Waste Working Group

Our Waste Working Group is working together to drive improvements in our waste management activity.