Term dates for session 2023 / 2024

Dates of Term should be read in conjunction with the University’s residency requirements for full-time students as set out in section 3.1 of Student Rules and Regulations.



Michaelmas Term[1]



PGCE and BSc Nursing Schemes start on



Start date for BVSc Veterinary Science

Monday 25/09/2023 - Saturday 16/12/2023 (12 weeks)          


Monday 04/09/2023 – Saturday 16/12/2023 (15 weeks)


To be confirmed

Christmas Vacation 2

Monday 18/12/2023 – Saturday 06/01/2024 (3 weeks)

Lent Term 

Monday 08/01/2024 – Saturday 22/03/2024 (11 weeks)

Easter Vacation 2

Monday 25/03/2024 – Saturday 13/04/2024 (3 weeks)

Easter Term

Monday 15/04/2024 – Saturday 01/06/2024 (7 weeks)


Big Welcome Weekend

Friday 22/09/2023 – Sunday 24/09/2023

Orientation/Induction/Registration 3

Monday 25/09/2023 – Saturday 30/09/2023 (1 week)

Semester 1 Teaching 

Monday 02/10/2023 – Saturday 16/12/2023 (11 weeks)

End of Semester Examination and Assessment period

Monday 09/01/2024 – Saturday 27/01/2024 (3 weeks)


Semester 2 Teaching (Block 1)

Monday 29/01/2024 – Saturday 23/03/2024 (8 weeks)

Semester 2 Teaching (Block 2)

Monday 15/04/2024 - Saturday 04/05/2024 (3 weeks)

End of Semester Examination and Assessment period

Tuesday 07/05/2024 – Saturday 01/06/2024 (4 weeks)
NB Bank Holiday on Monday 06/05/2024

Summer 4 and 5

Graduation Week (TBC)

Week beginning Monday 15/07/2024
(Royal Welsh TBC)

Supplementary Examinations

Monday 12/08/2024 – Friday 23/08/2024



  1. Start and finish dates for students on a small number of programmes may differ, specifically those with extensive work experience placements e.g. Veterinary Science, Nursing and PGCE students. Students must check with their department.
  2. Vacation period for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate taught students, and for students on the International Foundation Programme. Formal, timetabled classes will not take place during vacation periods, but fieldwork, work experience placements and other activities may do.
  3. Induction at the beginning of semester 1 is an integral part of the academic year. Students are expected to be resident in Aberystwyth and to participate in activities as arranged by the University.
  4. The period from the end of Semester 2 to the beginning of the following session is a vacation period for full-time undergraduate students and for students on the International Foundation Programme. Students should however ensure that they are available to take resit exams in Aberystwyth during the August Resit Assessment period. Note that full-time postgraduate taught students will continue to pursue their studies during this period.
  5. Full-time postgraduate research students are required to be resident in Aberystwyth for 44 weeks a year, with the remaining 8 weeks to be taken as conditional leave. The timing of postgraduate research leave will be determined in discussion between student and supervisor, but does not need to coincide with the University vacation periods which are published in the dates of term.

KRB 06/09/2021